Solutions, Collaboration, and Software - meet Barbara, Senior Software Engineer

Barbara’s role at ANCA as a Senior Software Engineer is essentially to make computers behave themselves, but more specifically, Barbara explains: “I design and write software. I love to design UIs, apply and invent algorithms, structure models, develop databases, work out architectures, and analyse data. And I love to exchange concepts and ideas with other likeminded people.”
For Barbara, working at ANCA is exciting and the “best job in the world!” She adds, “At ANCA it is amazing to meet all these wonderful, motivated people from all kinds of disciplines and backgrounds. I enjoy finding solutions to problems collaboratively, where multiple people have thrown their best ideas together and I love it when this collaboration occurs in an equal-power environment.”
“I am proud to have become a Scrum Master and to have recently written a new component for one of the new machines that is currently being developed.”
Barbara’s advice, “Whatever you do, and whatever the result, whether success or failure, you should endeavour to learn something from it.” Outside of work, Barbara’s interests are captured perfectly in her very own logo – Code, Run, Sew, Repeat. She loves to code and share knowledge and is the co-organiser of the Melb.Net meetup as well as running regularly and sewing. In 2017, Barbara made the costumes for a Renaissance musical.


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