Driving the software engineering discipline – meet George, Technical Manager – Software Engineering

George sets the technical direction for software engineering at ANCA finding it to be an engaging process. It is not just the technical aspect to his job that George enjoys but also working with people and being creative. George said: “I really enjoy helping to mentor and develop new engineers. It is also surprising at ANCA how much your ideas and creative input are welcomed and encouraged.” 

“When we get customer feedback that they’re delighted by a new feature or product that you’ve worked on – that’s a good day. ANCA is also full of challenges, working on software for designing profile cutters has for me been one of the biggest challenges. Dealing with really complex geometries, tight tolerances, and a very broad range of applications made for a tough but rewarding project.” 

“What stands  out with ANCA is that an Australian company is producing such high-tech products and that we are world-leaders in our field.” 

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