An engaging job with lots of opportunities – meet Hugh, Senior Mechanical Engineer

Hugh designs mechanical hardware for custom grinding and automation solutions which sees him also heavily involved in the grinding process. At ANCA Hugh appreciates the people and the technology but for the part of his job that he enjoys the most, Hugh said: “It’s great to see your designs move from the computer screen to reality. I like using my hands, assembling things and watching it all come together.” 

Hugh has had a number of different opportunities at ANCA, starting as a test and development engineer, he then moved to grinding applications where he got to travel all around the world visiting customers and then to mechanical design which led to a two-year position in ANCA’s branch in Germany. He said: “That’s ANCA though – there are lots of opportunities if you demonstrate interest and a willingness to learn new things. Moving to a design-based role in another country was a steep learning curve, but it forced me to become more self-sufficient and, in the end, it was hugely rewarding for me personally, and we delivered several successful projects.” 

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