It’s all in-house: great people and technology - meet Michael, Project Manager

Michael’s role is to bring together engineering, marketing and production and deliver the best product we can to market as quickly as possible. Michael said: “I have found ANCA an incredibly unique company in the Australian engineering landscape. There are so few people who do everything in-house anywhere in the world, let alone in an expensive country like Australia. It presents a lot of opportunities to us in how we solve our customers’ problems; and gives us exposure to interesting work. There aren’t many (if any) comparable companies in Australia, where you can be so hands-on and involved in such complex, innovative projects.”

What Michael particularly enjoys in his job are the people and technology – “I enjoy working with brilliant people with great ideas to solve a range of customer problems and getting to utilise some incredible technology along the way.”

“When I joined ANCA it was a surprise to see the amount of R&D that we get to do in new product development. We are always looking for new ways to tackle our increasingly complicated challenges. Drawing from so many skill sets in the team, and complimentary technologies and industries, I’m always learning new things.”

A proud achievement for Michael was delivering a new product, the CPX Linear in time for launch at a trade exhibition, saying “It was the culmination of a lot of work to get the machine to the show and launch the product.”

“Working at ANCA, it is amazing just how much I get to learn about an incredibly diverse range of technology and engineering areas. We have everything in-house at ANCA and get to work on all elements of the technology stack that lead to a finished product. From mechanical design, electrical hardware, control systems, applications software and grinding testing there is always new things to learn from the team and the latest design challenge. It’s also great that we can walk away from our desks in the design team and go down and talk to the people physically building the product and engage with them in the process start to finish.”

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