Finding solutions for problems – meet Samuel, Technical Manager – Systems Engineering

Samuel leads an engineering discipline, sets best practices, provides technical guidance, leads projects and creates red-hot killer memes! Sam said: “I really enjoy driving effective collaboration, whether that is speaking with clients and understanding their needs and working with them to find solutions to their problems, or helping to guide the various ANCA engineering project teams towards aligned and optimum outcomes.” 

“There’s a lot I didn’t expect from when I joined ANCA. I I didn’t expect such interesting projects, opportunities for international travel, or being able to work with so many talented people and watch so many of them progress in their careers. I also didn’t expect working somewhere where people laughed at my jokes, it’s probably just my American accent, though.” 

“I love working with awesome people and technology at the same time and am proud fostering a culture of improvement in Systems Engineering and all around us, and of course my meme-laden presentations.” 

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