Spotlight on Mathew Fulton

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We meet Mathew Fulton, Paint Shop Supervisor from ANCA Australia.

Please describe what you do at ANCA.

I work in the Paint Shop at ANCA Australia. As the leading hand, my responsibilities include laying out the daily Paint Shop set tasks and ensuring we get jobs out on time; grinding, body fill, priming and painting the machine bases and components; and managing paint and materials inventory levels.

How long have you been with ANCA?

I’ve been at ANCA for 17 and a half years, and have been the Paint Shop leading hand for the last seven years.

In my previous job, I was actually painting canopies for ANCA – this was even before I knew what ANCA did. While enquiring about another job at a powder coating company that was down the road from ANCA Bayswater, I noticed the machinery components that were in their factory. They told me that the components were for ANCA, which made me interested in finding out more about the company. So I dropped in at ANCA, submitted my resume and here I am!

What does being number one in lifetime customer experience mean to you?

Meeting our targets, delivering work on time, and maintaining high quality finishes. As we operate in a highly technical environment, it is important that every detail on our machine – from the build, structure, and functionality down to the paint job – is done in a refined finish.

What has been your greatest challenge at ANCA?

Recently we had to support the Thai team while they moved into their new facility, which meant extra production and shifts for the Australian team. On top of that, there were also components for a new product that we had a strict deadline to keep to. Keeping up with a high production demand certainly keeps everyone busy, so the juggle of managing people’s expectations and aligning them with our business objectives is important. It was definitely hard work but we learnt a lot and with teamwork achieved our goals.

What is something no one would know about you?

I’m an outdoor person. To me, there’s nothing better than being out in nature, camping and fishing. I love being up in the high country but also like spending time at the beach in the warmer months.

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