Spotlight on Nuan

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We meet Pornphat Jiropasthanakul, better known as Nuan, from Sheet Metal Solutions.

Please describe what you do at Sheet Metal Solutions.  

I am the Sales Coordinator at Sheet Metal Solutions. Some of my responsibilities include: 
  • Being the point-of-contact for local and international customers.
  • Managing the sales and delivery process for customers, from raising purchase orders to confirming their deliveries.
  • Ensuring our customers have a positive experience and following up on any customer issues.
  • Collaborating with other departments to ensure we are exceeding customer satisfaction.
  • All these types of activity builds strong customer relationships that helps when seeking new business opportunities to support our sales targets.

How long have you been with Sheet Metal Solutions?

I’ve been at Sheet Metal Solutions for 6 years. In that time the business has changed a lot. We have done a lot of work around improving our quality and implemented lean manufacturing principles to be more efficient in our day-to-day workflow.

I am excited about the move into the new building when ANCA CNC Machines moves into their new facility, as we will have much more space and room to grow.  

What does being number one in lifetime customer experience mean to you?

Having good quality products is only one part of being number one in lifetime customer experience. I believe that efficient delivery and teamwork are also essential in supporting customer needs.

What has been your greatest challenge at Sheet Metal Solutions?  

Having new customers can be challenging as it requires me to learn about new products, and build new relationships. In some cases I also have to educate myself on foreign cultures when dealing with global customers. However I find this to be a great experience and opportunity to learn and grow. 

What is something no one would know about you?

I love cooking and my dream job is to be a chef!

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