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At ANCA we take our role in the community seriously and have a number of sponsorships and fundraising activities around the world so that our teams can connect with their local community in meaningful ways. Contact ANCA to find out more.

Adopt a Family

In the winter of 2023, ANCA Inc decided to adopt a family for the holidays. This is when families that are in need and wouldn’t otherwise be able to provide gifts for their kids submit and are paired up with people that are willing to play Santa and donate gifts to them.

ANCA Inc sponsored a family from Oakland County and team members rallied to purchase many items off of their list. The deserving family was four girls (aged 15, 13, 9, and 2) that are in the middle of being adopted by their Aunt and Uncle. With the help of our corporate team in Australia, we were able to purchase everything on their gift list and even support a fifth child, a 15 year old girl that is in foster care.

The agency was floored by our generosity, and were very grateful to us for helping five children this holiday season.

Monash High Powered Rocketry

Monash HPR (High Powered Rocketry) is a student team dedicated to the design, analysis and construction of high-powered rockets. Formed in conjunction with the Australian Youth Aerospace Association’s announcement of the inaugural Australian Universities Rocket Competition (AURC), Monash HPR designs and constructs high-powered rockets to compete in the 10,000 and 30,000 ft categories.

MUR Motorsports

MUR Motorsports are comprised of mechanical, mechatronic and electrical engineering students who design and build an electric race vehicle over a 12-month design cycle. The team competes at Formula SAE Australasia Competition against teams from around Australia and the world. Entirely student-led, the team this year consists of senior engineers focused on a specific aspect of our formula style open wheeled racecar, with over seventy junior members who learn important practical skills relevant to industry and in complements to their course study at The University of Melbourne.

Oakland Community College

ANCA has donated a Magna400 16” electronic height gauge at Oakland Community College – Auburn Hills campus to be used by students in their Machine Tool Lab.

There are hundreds of students that utilise the Oakland Community College Machine Tool Lab as part of their course work to earn degrees in a variety of areas of manufacturing. Before receiving the height gauge from ANCA, students used methods of measuring that were outdated, labour intensive, and inaccurate. The students were thrilled that ANCA was able to donate this piece of equipment to the lab.

Monash Nova Rover

ANCA is proud to sponsor the Monash Nova Rover team of students passionate about designing and building the next generation of Mars and Lunar rovers to compete in the world's most prestigious universtiy robotics competitions.

The team not only lead student respresentation within the Australian space sector, they foster engagement with SEM technologies amongst younger generations. 

Their newly launched pink rover is part of a campaign aiming to start more conversations about women in STEM.

Supporting earthquake aid efforts

Following the devastating earthquake that occurred on the Türkiye-Syria border on 6 February 2023 our ANCA community, company and employees combined donated $14,433 to charities, including Unicef, working with those affected by the earthquakes. Our local team in Türkiye have also assisted wtih in-kind donations including purchasing and sending food and supplies and giving scholarships to girls who have lost their families so that they can continue their education. 


Coalville Town Ravens U12s

Football enthusiasts hardly agree on anything, but when it comes to the question of where the the heart of football beats, most would agree that it’s not in the fancy arenas of the top leagues, but on the pitches of local clubs. This is where people of all ages get together, where team spirit and integrity count.

One of those clubs is Coalville Town FC in Leicestershire, UK, with its Coalville Town Ravens U12s playing in ANCA jerseys. Formed only in August this year, they came from an initial 6:0 defeat in the local derby to a victory just four months later. Andrew Thompson, application engineer at ANCA and father of one of the ambitious Ravens, says: “It is great to see how fast the kids grew together as a team and how much fun they are having.” We are happy to support the Ravens and wish them lots of luck!”


Nicholas Doyle, ANCA Sheetmetal Solutions General Manager, said: “Part of our five year strategy is to reduce our environmental impact and after maintaining our ISO 14001 status this year we saw a global campaign to raise $30M USD to remove 30million pounds of plastic and trash from the ocean we wanted to get involved."

"ANCA Thailand has been involved in many community initiatives to plant coral, remove waste and plant trees on coastal areas and this opportunity allowed us to do even more. Thailand is heavily reliant on the ocean for both food and tourism and being a Thai based company we wanted to support a worthy cause that helps improve our environment. I am very excited that #TEAMSEAS reached our goal and with “The OCEAN CLEAN UP” and we hope to see this benefit far surpass the 30million pounds of trash removed or intercepted before it enters the ocean.” 

Melbourne University Vex Robotics Club

The Melbourne University Vex Robotics Club (Team EMU5) is a club which works together to build and develop different robots to compete in the Vex Robotics Competition- the largest competitive robotics program in the world. With a mix of heavily experienced and new students, the club aims to help improve the education of young Australians through encouraging them to develop necessary and crucial STEM skills through their participation in the competition, whilst also having fun working on challenging group projects throughout the year.

In addition to competing within the competition, the club also helps to run workshops both for its own members and the wider community about various skills they need for the competition, such as building, programming, notetaking and strategy, whilst also hosting our own competitions at the university and assisting at other competitions run around the state, to help engage secondary students wherever possible, and provide them with assistance and feedback on their designs.

Generate 22

ANCA is the proud major sponsor of Generate 22. Exaptec, in conjunction with Yarra Ranges Tech School and the Australia Robotic Network hosted Generate 22 – a robotics and AI conference on 30 - 31 March 2022. This event included industry, academia and enthusiasts to generate new ideas and showcased the latest technology. All major universities in Victoria were invited to attend as well interstate universities.

"Exaptec - social, service and telepresence robotics specialists. We're putting a face to the future of robotics!"


Constellation Racing

Constellation Racing is a student run and operated organisation at Brighton Grammar School in Melbourne that empowers education outside the classroom. The team are competing in the F1 in Schools STEM Challenge™, the world’s foremost student competition for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.

Mimicking the world of a Formula One team, groups of students have to follow a path-way of engineering and manufacturing disciplines: design, analyse, test, make and race. This program also aims to develop skills in problem solving, project management, communication, presentation, teamwork, innovation, self-promotion, collaboration, marketing and entrepreneurialism

Michigan Stars FC

ANCA are proud sponsors of the Michigan Stars Football Club.

The Michigan Stars Football Club (MSFC) is a history rich soccer club that has enhanced the lives of both youth and adults through sport. MSFC was created from a vision to bring topnotch, high quality soccer to local communities.

The Vernier Foundation

The Vernier Foundation is an extension of the society and has been formed to promote and attract the interest of young people to engineering and assist in their training and education.

The Victorian Vernier Society seeks to inform the wider community about the value of engineering and manufacturing in Australia. Vernier’s members are engineering consultants, company owners and directors, general managers and engineers.

International Women's Day

To celebrate International Women's Day we have created a video of some of the amazing women at ANCA on their thoughts of working in the industry.

Chris Hegarty, Group CEO said, "To acknowledge and support the movement of gender parity, we are celebrating the women who work at ANCA across the world. Happy International Women's Day and I wish to see more women succeed in the manufacturing industry."

International Women's Day is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women. It also acknowledges the importance of striving to achieve gender equality in our everyday lives.

RMIT Motorsport

ANCA has been a proud sponsor of RMIT Motorsport since 2013. After its formation in 2008, RMIT Motorsport went on to build the first ever electric vehicle for the Formula SAE competition. With a focus on sustainable engineering, a team of RMIT students and staff set out to prove that they could produce a simple, completely electric counterpart for the combustion vehicle competition and continues to be the number 1 placed electric vehicle in Australia.

Flow Power

ANCA is one of the first businesses to team up with Australia’s fastest growing business power retailer, Flow Power, to buy power generated by renewable energy sources. An innovative and progressive business model, Flow Power tackles the issue of price and environment with this unique offering. This renewable power, sourced from Ararat Wind Farm, can be used in real time to offset grid electricity consumption, potentially saving thousands of dollars in energy costs.

Matthew van der Linden, Managing Director of Flow Power, comments, “We’re very pleased to welcome ANCA as a customer and one of the very first companies to benefit from Flow Power’s Renewable Corporate PPA. This agreement is one of the first of its kind in Australia and will allow Australia to catch up with other international markets that have proven this model to be a success.”

“Flow Power wants to empower businesses to take control of their energy consumption. Our Renewable Corporate PPAs help businesses to lower their carbon footprint and reduce overall emissions, while benefitting from lower power costs.”

World's Greatest Shave

In 2019 ANCA Australia hosted a “World’s Greatest Shave” event to raise money for Myeloma Australia and support the Rollason family, as well as other members of ANCA who have been personally affected by cancer.

Personal donations were matched by ANCA, allowing us to raise an outstanding total of $23,469.05. The money will help Myeloma Australia continue their work in supporting people impacted by the disease.

Code the Future

Tim Comport, Software Engineer has been involved in the Code the Future charity which connects volunteer developers with schools and teachers to help students learn how to code.

Tim said, "I was looking for novel ways to develop myself and I found a charity called Code the Future. Given my background and experience teaching my own kids to code, I decided to register and was quickly connected with one of my local schools - Beaconhills College."
"With support from ANCA Motion I have spent almost 10 hours over the past year and a half mentoring VCE students with projects ranging from robotics to video games. I have also introduced 20+ staff to the world of Machine Tools and my experiences as a professional software developer. I have found this experience very rewarding, and it's great to see the willingness of ANCA Motion to support the wider community and the next generation of engineers."

Community Volunteering 

The ANCA Thailand team regularly hold community volunteering activities such as cleaning up the local beaches, coral planting and tree planting.

Yanisa Ninlawong, ANCA Thailand General Manager said, “At ANCA Thailand we are very passionate about giving back to the community, partly due to our Buddhist culture where altruism – which is thinking and acting for the benefit of others before yourself – is a way of life. As Thailand is a developing country, we believe in using our privilege to help those who are less fortunate. Whether it is by giving money or giving our time, any form of donation is appreciated and makes a difference.”
“Participating in these activities as a team not only cultivates team building, but also makes it fun and helps us to spread the message of why it is important to pay our good fortune forward. The biggest reward for us is knowing that we have made a positive impact on someone’s life.”

ANCA attends Drive Day with RMIT Electric Racing


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