It started with a mini computer

In 1974, ANCA co-founders Pat Boland and Pat McCluskey bought a mini-computer to turn their passion into a business venture. Considered mini or small for the time, it was in fact as tall as them at a cost of $4,000 - which in ‘74 could buy an inner city apartment. Their basic idea was to replace the hardwired controls of the time with a standard computer. Adding the computer to NC thus CNC resulted in a much more powerful and flexible technology than the hardwired logic designs that were current at the time.

Today ANCA is a thriving business with over 1,000 employees and a world leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, motion controls and manufacturing solutions. While the global headquarters remain located in Melbourne, Australia; due to the niche market we service, we export 99% of our products with customers in over 45 countries and offices in the UK, Germany, China, Thailand, India, Japan, Brazil and the USA as well as a comprehensive network of representatives and agents worldwide.

When I think of the reasons why ANCA has been successful I think that it is our blend of high level engineering, software and mathematics with the practical experience and skills of our technicians and application engineers. This, combined with an unusually high level of vertical integration, fosters practical innovation.

Pat Boland

In over 40 years of working in the tool and cutter industry I have been inspired by our customers' expertise and passion for grinding tools. Our team dedicate themselves to designing even better solutions so that our industry can continue to evolve.

Pat McCluskey

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We are a world leading manufacturer of CNC grinding machines, motion controls and manufacturing solutions.

Take a Closer Look at ANCA

Awards and Achievements

All our innovations contributed to the success of our products and subsequently, to the success of our customers.

Life at ANCA

We operate in a world of technology where our talented team are creating and inventing new products and technology - breaking new ground in advanced manufacturing on a daily basis.

ANCA in the Community

We take our role in the community seriously and have a number of sponsorships and fundraising activities around the world so that our teams can connect with their local community in meaningful ways.

Five Decades of Growth & Innovation


Pat McCluskey and Pat Boland were both 25 years old when they started ANCA. Pat Boland was an Electrical Engineer with a First degree from Melbourne University and Pat McCluskey was an award-winning technician trained in the state-of-the-art machine tools. They had no business experience but had a great blend of knowhow, from the academic to the practical.


The first business for ANCA was fitting CNC controls to a wide range of machine tools, mills, lathes, robots, special purpose automotive machines and had particular success in the field of laser cutting machines.

In the early 1980s the Pats decided that the future of the company lay in exporting to the world because of the small size of their Australian home market. After an exhaustive search it was decided that the business would target the world market in the field of CNC tool grinders. This was both niche which meant they could hone their product development to be exactly what their customers needed but large enough so there was opportunity to grow.  


In 1986 we launched our first overseas branch when Russell Riddiford opened ANCA Inc in Novi, Michigan. This was a huge step at the time but it propelled the business into a decade of sustained growth.

The decision to extend its operations launched the company into a major growth phase, which involved investing in its manufacturing facilities and growing a team of highly skilled and specialised staff. Continued growth has been matched by investment in factory equipment, research and development and a sales support infrastructure.


Other branches followed quickly with a branch in England in 1988 and Germany in 1991. This led to openings in France and Italy and support for all the different countries of Europe. Our first China office was established in early 2004 and the business recently opened a new ANCA Asia Headquarters with a team covering administration, sales, service, applications, finance and management.

More than anything else what has driven ANCA’s growth over the past 44 years have been a series of innovations that have revolutionised the production of cutting tools and have impacted the whole of manufacturing.

Our first significant innovation was the measurement of tool geometry inside the grinding machine by use of a touch probe. This technology seems basic today but in 1986 ANCA was the first company to apply this technology, changing tool grinding forever.

Other firsts by ANCA include in-machine measurement using a CCD camera, 3D tool simulation, tubular linear motors, redundant axes generated in the coordinate transformations, wheel balancing and many more.

Our Values

At ANCA we strive to deliver on our goal of being number one in customer lifetime experience every single day.
Our Vision sets expectations for our global team to be an agile world class innovative technology provider. It is what we stand for,
what we are passionate about and what sets us apart.

Our Core Values of innovation, talent, teamwork, safety and customer focus are the foundation of who we are as an organisation and how we behave. They outline the characteristics our customers and stakeholders can expect from us and rely on.

At the core of our success is our culture, our talent and our brand. Together, these unite us, set us apart and shape our reputation
as one of the world leaders in our field.

We Promise an End-to-End Focus on Innovation


We partner with our customers to create bespoke solutions, no matter what their challenge and invest almost 10% of our annual turnover on research and development so our customers always have access to market-leading technology. As a company we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible, so that our customers are future-proofed. Our extensive global footprint means we service our customers with timely local support every time.

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ANCA Manufacturing Solutions deliver a complete end-to-end service from product design to manufacturing to coatings to assembly.

Operating since 2000, ANCA Manufacturing Solutions began by designing and building the canopies for ANCA CNC Machines and since then have diversified into a wide range of industries including machine canopies, off road vehicles, food processing, consumer electronics, construction machinery, general machinery, aerospace and automotive.

ANCA Motion designs and manufacture flexible control systems, specialising in high precision solutions for CNC machines.

We tailor our hardware and software to an OEM’s individual requirements offering a range of solutions from turnkey automation control packages to single items such as digital servo drives, motion controllers, soft PLCs, CNCs, IO modules, motors, cables and cabinets.

ANCA CNC Machines sell to a wide range of industries including aerospace, electronics, automotive, medical, woodworking and tool manufacturer industries and services small start-ups to major global businesses such as Boeing, General Electric, Sandvik, ISCAR, Rolls Royce and Johnson and Johnson.

ANCA’s superior design and build  of highly capable CNCs used in our range of tool grinders led to the formation of ANCA Motion in 2008. 

We Provide a Complete Solution to Guarantee Our Promise of Quality and Expertise

At ANCA we provide a complete solution to our customers, designing and manufacturing almost all our technology in-house.

From grinding machines to motion controls to software to manufacturing solutions, we have the experience and engineering capabilities to develop solutions to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Designs and manufactures world class CNC tool and cutter grinders used across a variety of industries.
Designs and manufacture flexible control systems, specialising in high precision solutions for CNC machines.
Delivers a complete end-to-end service from product design to manufacturing to coatings to assembly.
  • IO Box
  • Relay Panel
  • AMC5
  • AMD2000 3A
  • AMD2000 9A
  • AMD5x Multi-Axis
  • Servo System
  • Alpha
  • Beta
  • Custom Motors
  • LinX® Linear
  • Motor Range
  • Gamma
  • Remote Pendant
  • Touch Pad
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From the vision of two to one now shared by many, ANCA has grown significantly over the years with a leadership team that brings a wealth of experience and industry expertise.


Pat McCluskey

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Pat Boland

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Executive Directors

Martin Ripple

Group CEO

Graeme Billings

Group Chairman

Gary Ward

Group Chief Financial Officer

Edmund Boland

ANCA CNC Machines General Manager

Russell Riddiford

ANCA USA General Manager

Yanisa Ninlawong

ANCA Thailand General Manager

Martin Winterstein

ANCA Europe General Manager

Jake Farragher

ANCA Asia General Manager

Denny Zheng

ANCA Greater China General Manager

Matt Mannix

ANCA Motion General Manager

Nicholas Doyle

ANCA Manufacturing Solutions General Manager

ANCA Locations

A major factor in ANCA’s success is that we were “born global” which means offering global support is in our DNA.
Our ambition is that for our customers, no matter where they are located is that we appear just as responsive as a local company.